Southern Highlands Employer Committee

What is the Southern Highlands Employer Committee About?

The Southern Highlands Employer Committee (SHEC for short) is an authorized sub-group of State of Georgia
Employer Committee and is comprised of business leaders and community supporters that gather for
programs that offer educational material on a wide array of subject that pertain to the administration of
businesses, and to periodically receive information and updates from the Georgia Department of Labor with
regards to programs and benefits.

What is an Employer Committee?

Under the umbrella of the State of Georgia Employer Committee network, local employer committees are
groups of local business representative who establish and maintain a working relation between the employer
community and the Georgia Department of Labor (DOL).  The committees provide input and guidance in the
development of policy and legislation by the DOL as it impacts Georgia employers and employees.  Committees
state employment related needs.

Is This For You ?

Do you have a vested interested in the economic well-being of your business and your community?  If so, the
Southern Highlands Employer Committee provides a unique opportunity for you to be actively involved in the
local employment picture.  After all, who understands the needs and concerns of your business and your  
community better than its business leaders?

Why Join?

  • You will have an opportunity to share ideas and concerns with others.
  • You will enhance your company's awareness of important
  • employment issues and their impact on business operations.
  • You can help educate the community on important employment
  • issues and legislation that affect the way we all do business.
You will help your community identify and meet its employment
  • needs.
  • You can obtain a better understanding of the Department of Labor's
  • career centers and programs, using that knowledge to save your company time and money.
  • You will develop a larger network of contacts.
  • You will have a direct pipeline to the GA DOL and their programs and services.

When you attend a meeting you may learn about . . .

  • Employee handbooks
  • Drug Screening in the Workplace
  • Social Media in Employment Screening
  • Impact of ACA for Employers
  • Hiring a Veteran
  • Administering your I-9 program
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Hiring Assistance Programs and Incentives
  • Management and Leadership
  • Funding that exists for OJT, retraining, and probationary periods.